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Writer Steven Grant has a nice essay about a recent firestorm in the comic book community regarding the nature of superheroes (i.e. is the superhero concept liberal or conservative), touched off by right-wing shill/writer Bill Willingham. The piece is halfway down the page, after an essay about Diamond, the direct-to-market comic book distributor; hit Ctrl + F and search for the name “Dirk Deppey.”


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Joe Klein:

There is a right-wing smokescreen emerging in an attempt to camouflage Sarah Palin’s utter unfamiliarity with the Bush Doctrine. The new line, assayed by Charles Krauthammer and Peter Feaver among others, is that there were many Bush Doctrines. That is untrue.

There was only one Bush Doctrine. It was enunciated in this speech, delivered by the President [sic], at the West Point graduation in 2002…

(Links to Krauthammer’s and Feaver’s garbage subtracted.)

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CNN fact-checked Aunt Sarah’s speech; much of what Palin said had little basis in fact. Shocker, huh?

(Via Political Vlogz)

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I’ve been waiting for the wingnuts to do this. As soon as the movie was a hit, I knew they’d be desperately cooking up ways to enlist it into their propaganda machine. They’re always trying to hijack pop culture to dress up the very uncool moral and ethical bankruptcy of their sick ideology.

What they fail to understand is that Batman came into existence because the government in Gotham City failed to do its job. The county, state, and federal government agencies above the city also failed to do their jobs. Criminals — you know, people who think they don’t have to obey the law — flourished because of underfunded (and eventually corrupted) government officials.

Then, when Batman began waging his war on crime, his over-the-top methods caused Gotham’s criminal element to hyper-evolve and swell in size — much like Bush’s actions resulted in Al Qaeda evolving and attracting plenty of recruits. The Joker and Osama bin Ladin are two sides of the same coin.

And Andrew Klavan is a disingenuous idiot.

(Via Lambert)

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