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This is a very nice write-up by one of Carlin’s “Shining Time Station’s” cast mates.

HBO started rebroadcasting over thirty-year’s worth of Carlin’s material last night. The net had better pay Carlin’s estate all fees and royalties. Meanwhile, “Saturday Night Live” is going to rerun its very first episode, where Carlin served as the show’s first host.

Finally, Carlin is going to be the first person to ever posthumously receive the equivalent of the comedy genre’s Peabody, the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

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George Carlin was one of the most amazing, unapologetic, vicious, and humorous social commentators the human race has ever produced. He had a profound influence on my life, and he will be missed.

“Religion is bullshit:”

“Pro-Life is Anti-Woman:”

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