…and that’s how world peace can be achieved.


I must admit that if I’ve heard of Gail Collins before tonight (or this morning, as it were) I have no recollection of it, but as of now I completely and TOTALLY heart her — although I can only imagine how many death threats the NYT is receiving on her behalf from the Radical Reich.

…a tragedy befell our nation.

I answered 29 out of 33 questions correctly on this Civics Test, for a score of 87.88%. I missed questions 4, 7, 30, and 33. The average score for the month of November as of this writing is 77.6%.

This certainly takes the sting out of a certain verdict by a particular website (discovered via Susie) that passed judgment on this blog yesterday and found it to be at a high school reading level (a judgment that has since been revised based on some mysterious criteria):


(“Civics Test” via Sarah at Corrente)

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