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Writer Steven Grant has a nice essay about a recent firestorm in the comic book community regarding the nature of superheroes (i.e. is the superhero concept liberal or conservative), touched off by right-wing shill/writer Bill Willingham. The piece is halfway down the page, after an essay about Diamond, the direct-to-market comic book distributor; hit Ctrl + F and search for the name “Dirk Deppey.”


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The Dark Knight is now the Energizer Bunny of films in its fourth weekend:

Despite two more wide releases having entered theaters on Wednesday, The Dark Knight topped the box office for a fourth straight weekend, adding an estimated $26 million for a massive domestic total of $441.5 million. If the estimate holds, then the Christopher Nolan-directed film has surpassed Shrek 2 ($441.226 million) to climb to the third spot on the all-time domestic blockbuster list, trailing just Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope ($460.998 million) and Titanic ($600.788 million). Warner Bros. Pictures said it expects “Dark Knight” to end up with about $520 million domestically. The movie cost $185 million to make.

(Emphasis added.)

I hope Christian Bale got a really. good. fucking. contract. for the new Terminator trilogy.

Having finally seen TDK myself, I can now say I thought it was superb. The death of one character was jarring, the death/birth of another character heartbreaking, and Ledger’s Joker absolutely deserves an Oscar — not just a nomination, but the fucking statue.

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And still, I haven’t made time to see this damned film:

The Batman blockbuster “The Dark Knight” hauled in $43.8 million to rank as Hollywood’s top movie for the third-straight weekend, fending off “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” which opened a close second with $42.5 million.

“The Dark Knight” has soared to a $394.9 million haul in just 17 days, according to studio estimates Sunday. The Warner Bros. release should sail past the $400 million mark by Monday or Tuesday, said Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner.

That would be on the film’s 18th or 19th day of release, another record for “The Dark Knight,” which had an all-time high opening weekend of $158.4 million. The previous $400 million record-holder was “Shrek 2,” which hit that mark in 43 days…

Early anticipation over Heath Ledger’s diabolical performance as Batman foe the Joker built to a frenzy in the months after the actor’s death from an accidental prescription drug overdose in January.

A huge opening weekend was guaranteed, but the movie has sustained its audience from stellar reviews and audience buzz.

“The movie has grown in terms of its base audience from primarily what was conceived as a young male movie to a movie for everybody, from 8 to 80,” Fellman said. “They’re going to see it because of the reviews, they’re going to see it because of the word of mouth. They’re going just to see what it’s all about, and they all like it.”

Now if only DC (et al.) would get on with the Superman reboot.

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Batman buried his rivals at the North American box office for a second weekend on Sunday, racing past $300 million in a record 10 days… taking its total to $314.2 million, distributor Warner Bros. Pictures said.

A week after it scored a record-breaking $158 million opening, “The Dark Knight” added a new title to its impressive list of superlatives: the best second weekend, surpassing the holiday-boosted $72 million haul of 2004’s “Shrek 2…”

“The Dark Knight” now ranks as the second-biggest movie of the year, just behind the $315 million haul of “Iron Man,” and the 23rd-biggest of all time… Warner Bros. distribution president Dan Fellman predicted “The Dark Knight” would take just 18 days to reach that milestone.

“Where we go from there, it’s uncharted waters,” Fellman said.

And I still haven’t seen this flick yet.

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